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Cénacle - Control through Will


What is a Cenacle?

To receive - to experience - to share in a small group a Teaching, a Transmission, this is what a Cenacle means.

Settling serenely into a shared understanding of this Teaching through study of the text and experimentation with the practices transmitted.

On December 03, 2004, Grigori Grabovoï told us:

"So there's a fundamental transition here to the outside world. Phenomena that are, so to speak, on the outside are, as a rule, phenomena of the outside world, i.e. of the manifested material world. That is to say, in this case, it's a very narrow transition: there's, for example, a tree growing, there's also a blade of grass and so on - it's your will, present among other things. It's very easy to see the sign of your own will: just as you achieved the creation of your soul by the will of God, here too you achieve the manifestation of your will precisely by realizing an external object that you control by your own will, but you have, it's true, no back-wave force factor. The speed is therefore very high. It's comparable to the organizational speed of your physical body.

In fact, your will manifests itself in your body, and since the body is created by God, it is also God's will that manifests itself in the physical body. You then begin to see linearly, and to think about the Spirit of man and where to find it, which can lead you to the thought of infinite incarnation. In this way, you begin to build the status of the infinite Spirit on your own. In this deconditioned space, this becomes possible."

Volition definition:

Self-regulation of will refers to the ability to maintain focus and effort toward learning goals despite obstacles and distractions.

from: International Encyclopedia of Education (Third Edition), 2010

With the help of Grigori Petrovich Grabovoï's seminar handout, we're going to deepen your study and understanding of the subject together, so that you can then pass it on to others.

via Zoom on December 14 & 15, 2023 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Paris time).

Investment: 88 euros per household


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