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Integration of Christ Triumphant

The Truth sets us free, We know it - I Am at Peace with it.

I can now reveal the highest value of my Being.

I Am Divine - I Am God and I understand what that means.

I embody universal power and wisdom as God I Am.

I Am acting completely in all forms since Eternity.

I know that Christ is in me - I am God like everyone else.

God I Am the divine intelligence of Healing for me and for the infinite World.

I Am the Divine principle & love that flows through me into the World.

God I Am success since God I Am fully capable of succeeding in any endeavor I sincerely plan.

God I Am the exact knowledge that accompanies the ability to succeed, since I Am the infinite love that attracts to me all the substance that generates my success.

God I AM is the intelligence that guides all my successes into just and profitable paths, as well as the divine knowledge that brings perfection and wisdom to all my successes.

God I Am is the perfect trinity, the triumphant Christ, the God-man, the sole focal point of all Creation.

Is this Logos calling you?

Would you like to make it vibrate in your Life like a Prayer addressed to the great Balance?

I look forward to seeing you at the 2024 Integration of Christ Triumphant.

THANK YOU for registering with Damien:


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