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Mini-Bio, my indicators:

A scientific orientation that anchored my analytical skills:

  • Graduated with a university master's degree in Science and Technology and a Master 2 in Neurosciences in Vision Analysis

  • Higher education teacher career in optical schools

  • Research-development course in visual ergonomics and field adaptation for people with visual impairment.

A permanent impetus to develop my self-education, a richness that I vibrate:

  • through integrative methods in visual health

  • through the applications of Phosphenism

  • by my commitment to experimenting with the teachings of Dr. Grabovoi, which every day propels me a little further, a little higher.

Where to find me?

​I manifest myself everywhere through these lines, in conception and coherence.

I express my identity when I share my reading of the worlds I like to watch,

I express my personality when I activate my analytical mind,

I reflect my sensitivity to make tangible the Meaning of action in our attitude.

Through all these plural activities and for Nature, Science&Sens, I found myself in the definition of professiography according to Grigori Grabovoï.

Isn't this mission magnificent?

I am therefore a coordinator in professiography for education in Knowledge,

And to design and build this happy system of educational activities, I observe my deployment in computer creativity to develop the editorial and pedagogical line in order to communicate the essence of all these beautiful wills united,

Wonderful challenge and thank you.

PROFESSIOGRAPHY 512 934 891261 – Method which studies the requirements of a professional activity in relation to the personal qualities, psychological capacities and physiological aptitudes of a person. It is used for the development of information, methods of diagnosis and correction, as well as practical recommendations for ensuring the correspondence between the person and the profession. It makes it possible to determine objectives and the way to achieve them in order to optimize and improve the efficiency of professional work.

Grabovoï, G. (2003) Numerical series for psychological normalization, Volume 2.

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