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Exercise, Day 1

Today's exercise is part of a method of developing concentration. 
Grigori Grabovoï created and experimented with these exercises for each day of the month
" for the development of consciousness, the orientation of life events in a favorable direction , the achievement of good health and to establish oneself in harmony. with the pulsations of the universe.
Work by Grigori Grabovoi, (2001) Methods of concentration.
Грабовой Г.П., (2001) Методы концентрации.

On this 1st day of the month, Grigori P. Grabovoi recommends the practice of concentration on the following three exercises:

On the first day of the month, focus on your right foot.

This focus connects you as a point of contact with the outside world. You mentally lean on the Earth. In your consciousness, the Earth is your anchor point, it carries you.

This point of support is also a point of creation, which is why this control allows you to recover completely.

Likewise, when you focus on the point of creation, your awareness immediately expands.


It is the same principle that allows everything to grow and develop on Earth, whether it is plants or the matter of your physical body, you understand that you can create any element of external reality.

Such understanding is the basis of this concentration exercise.

However, you don't need to think about this complex mechanism while exercising. Simply focus on the right foot, while imagining the desired event in your consciousness. This mechanism that we have just mentioned and which makes it possible to construct reality operates automatically. The desired event will then take place in the most harmonious way possible. Indeed, this control also ensures the harmonious development of events.

You can perform this concentration exercise several times a day.



Focus on number series for this exercise:   seven-digit sequence: 1845421

nine-digit sequence: 845132489


On this day, turn your attention to the world and everything in it. Feel each part of the world as a part of yourself.

Perceiving this, you will feel a kind of light breeze emanating from each element of the world, which indicates the direction to follow.

When you feel that each of these elements is endowed with a piece of your conscience, you will perceive the harmony which emerges from creation.

Support de concentration - Jour 01
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