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Exercise, Day 10

Today's exercise is part of a method of developing concentration. 
Grigori Grabovoï created and experimented with these exercises for each day of the month " for the development of consciousness, the orientation of life events in a favorable direction , the achievement of good health and to establish oneself in harmony. with the pulsations of the universe.
Work of Grigori P. Grabovoi, (2001) Methods of concentration.
Грабовой Г.П., (2001) Методы концентрации.

On this 10th day of the month, Grigori P. Grabovoi recommends the practice of concentration on the following three exercises:

Concentrate simultaneously on all the objects of external reality that you are able to apprehend in a single impulse of perception.

Try to become aware of all these external objects instantly.

Of course, especially in the beginning, you may only perceive part of the information from all these objects. Do not be discouraged, however, and keep in mind the objective of the exercise: to collect as much information as possible about these objects. You will get there over time.

Already, at the beginning of your practice, the immediate perception of the objects around you gives you some information on each of them, if only their location.

To find the information of an object, it suffices to focus on the corresponding point of concentration. This allows you to access any object, any sphere of control. This method of concentration teaches you to perceive a large number of objects simultaneously, and therefore to process a large amount of information in an instant.

Concretely, here is an example of the results you can obtain by practicing this exercise. Imagine that you are in front of a computer. Just one look at its outward appearance tells you how to control it, and what you can achieve by using it.

Likewise, this method of concentration allows you to control any object, and therefore to obtain information about it. You become able to control, both logically and spiritually.

You now have concentrations for the first ten days of the month. In principle, you are now able to find the next concentrations until the end of the month yourself, based on the principle of causal links that govern information fields. You can develop, yourself, the knowledge acquired by considering all this practice as a global control. I will nevertheless continue the presentation of these methods, but in a more succinct way.



Focus on number series for this exercise:

seven-digit sequence: 1854312

nine-digit sequence: 894153210


The union of the numbers 1 and 0 allows you to observe the world from its origin, when the 0 was already present within the number 1. When you add a 0 to the 1 to enlarge it and make it a 10, you accomplish an action. Everything you do should always correspond to the principle of harmony. Make sure that each of your actions contributes to considerably increase the volume of your events, both qualitatively and quantitatively. You yourself are a manifestation of this world. Your gaze harmonizes everything on which it rests. Pay attention to your thoughts. Be everywhere at once, even where you are not. The creator that you are must be omnipresent. Your own harmony opens the doors of eternity to you. Resurrection and immortality are only elements among others that constitute eternity. Draw within you true eternity from which flow, among other things, immortality and resurrection. Be the creators of all that exists. You must also have a clear idea of what resurrection and immortality entail, because you are moving on to the higher stage of eternity, of the world and of your own being. Be ready for the new responsibilities which will be entrusted to you in eternity and which will also give birth to other worlds shaped by your consciousness. Just as 1 and 0 give 10, the universe will be entrusted to you when you are eternal, and you already are. You are already eternal and immortal, you just have to realize that. Reach this level by the logical action of uniting the 1 and the 0, and immortality will emanate from your every action, from your every manifestation and from your every step.

Support de concentration - Jour 10
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