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Exercise, Day 12

Today's exercise is part of a method of developing concentration. 
Grigori Grabovoï created and experimented with these exercises for each day of the month " for the development of consciousness, the orientation of life events in a favorable direction , the achievement of good health and to establish oneself in harmony. with the pulsations of the universe.
Work of Grigori P. Grabovoi, (2001) Methods of concentration.
Грабовой Г.П., (2001) Методы концентрации.

On this 12th day of the month, Grigori P. Grabovoi recommends the practice of concentration on the following three exercises:

Focus on events that involve the creation or consolidation of a whole. For example, if a goose has lost a feather, the objective of your concentration will be to put it back in its place. How to proceed ? Ask yourself how to act to create or consolidate a unified whole.

For example, if a leaf falls from a tree, how do you put it back in order to restore the tree to its original image?

This exercise aims to bring together scattered elements of reality into a unified whole that matches their standard. The practice of this concentration makes it possible to control reality.

Here as in the other exercises, you can be your own object of study. Work on the regeneration of one of your organs. One day, a woman approached me with a request: her uterus had been removed following a surgical operation. His case was very serious. By applying the principles and methods that you now also know, his organ regenerated.



Focus on number series for this exercise:

seven-digit sequence: 1854321

nine-digit sequence: 485321489


Unite with the world, and you will understand that each of your acts is its essence which contributes to harmonizing it always and in all places. By sending you his divine grace, the Lord wishes to unite himself with you. Become one with divine development. This union strengthens with each of your movements on the path of divine, true and creative development. You are advancing and growing on the path of eternity in which you will always be united with the Creator, in your own eternal development. Eternal life is none other than this true union with the Creator.

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