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Exercise, Day 2

Today's exercise is part of a method of developing concentration. 
Grigori Grabovoï created and experimented with these exercises for each day of the month
" for the development of consciousness, the orientation of life events in a favorable direction , the achievement of good health and to establish oneself in harmony. with the pulsations of the universe.
Work by Grigori Grabovoi, (2001) Methods of concentration.
Грабовой Г.П., (2001) Методы концентрации.

On this 2nd day of the month, Grigori P. Grabovoï recommends the practice of concentration on the following three exercises:

On this day, focus on the little finger of the right hand.


As in the previous method, while focusing on the little finger, simultaneously keep in mind the event you want to see happen.

You are invited to repeat this exercise several times a day, as many times as you wish: you can repeat the concentration after twenty seconds or an hour later; you can concentrate once or twice a day, ten times or more; you can determine the duration of your concentration at your convenience. 

Trust your intuition.

Learn to listen to your inner voice.

This applies to all concentration exercises.

During this exercise, you don't really need to stay still. You can even touch something with the little finger of the right hand.

Do as it suits you.

However, here is what you need to consider. It is certain that you will perceive many elements. Besides the little finger, there are nine other fingers and also, the parts of the body.

You have a large number of perception tools; however, it is on only one element of this multitude that you must concentrate: the little finger of the right hand.

This helps to harmonize the direction of events. Control becomes harmonious.



Focus on number series for this exercise:

seven-digit sequence: 1853125

nine-digit sequence: 849995120


On the second day of the month you should observe the harmony of the world in relation to yourself.

You must reproduce this world as it was built by the Creator.

Look at the world and you will see what it has been.

Look at the world and you will see what it will be.

Look at the world and you will see your place in it today.

The world exists at all times and for eternity.

Support de concentration - Jour 02
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