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Exercise, Day 29

Today's exercise is part of a method of developing concentration. 
Grigori Grabovoï created and experimented with these exercises for each day of the month " for the development of consciousness, the orientation of life events in a favorable direction , the achievement of good health and to establish oneself in harmony. with the pulsations of the universe.
Work of Grigori P. Grabovoi, (2001) Methods of concentration.
Грабовой Г.П., (2001) Методы концентрации.

On this 29th day of the month, Grigori P. Grabovoi recommends the practice of concentration on the following three exercises:

Today, make a summary of your concentrations. Go through all the concentrations of the month, from the 1st to the 28th day, in a single pulse. Embrace how far you've come this month with a unique pulse of perception.

In doing so, proceed to the analysis of your progress which will serve as a basis for your work for the month to come.

Visualize all the work done in the form of a sphere that you will place at the start of an infinite straight line whose first point is the next month. In this way, you will create a working base for the month to come, but also for all your subsequent development.



Focus on number series for this exercise:

seven-digit sequence: 1852142

nine-digit sequence: 512942180


Observe the world with your physical eyes. Observe the world with all your senses, with all your cells, your whole body. Observe it with all that allows you to see and all that you are. Observe the world and look inside yourself. Understand that the world surrounds you, that it envelops you. Observe the life-giving reality. See the reality that confers eternity. Wherever you look, you find this reality which gives life and eternity. God created this reality. In doing so, he created eternal life and he sees you just as you see yourself, but he also sees you as you do not see yourself. It is your Creator. He is God.

Support de concentration - Jour 29
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