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(per session)


Individual harmonization module


Generate Harmony within you and heal the world. It's time to know how to take care of yourself.

Restore coherence to your systems and become empowered for overall balance.

If your situation requires it, you have the power to reduce this session to 44€

80€ / session 


Extraction of old schemas


Highlighting and deciphering your personal reality, defection from old servitude programs, liberation of your power to act harmoniously no matter what.

Course of 3 sessions lasting 1h30 each.

242€/ 3 sessions 


Integral Connection to the Balance of Forces (integrates the harmonization module)


Guidance and support to integrate the informational level of events.

No longer suffer and act in conscience to generate harmony in oneself and around oneself.

Course 888 of 12 sessions to be agreed of 1h30 each.

888€/12 sessions 


Total Sovereignty - Manage your life, your projects and Create your reality (integrates the 1-2-3 programs)

Guidance and accompaniment to integrate the informational level of events, no longer suffer and act in conscience.

Implementation of analytical processes in your event management, whatever they may be.

Informational integration practices aimed at your autonomy for Balance.

Curriculum 999 quarterly at the rate of one session per week, so 12 sessions (1H30) in all

999€/12 sessions 


Harmonization of the place of Life and Activity by the Source Code

Re-balancing of the fields of organic frequencies, restoration of the collaborative synergy of the forces present.

Work carried out by a team of 3 people who each have specific environmental readings.


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