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Collective Integration

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

The Aether in the broad sense, is now considered to be the Quantum Field...

Basically, these terminologies (Aether - Quantum Field) do not necessarily allow one to experience the language of the forces of Life.

The philosophy of the Tattwas calls them "Subtle Forces" and it is a deep breathing practice that allows one to reconnect with them.

Rudolph Steiner teaches us the origin of these substances (ethers of light, heat, sound, and Life) which participate in the orientation of all phenomena.

The Elements and the cardinal directions form the events of which the Ethers animate the waves and participate in the form.

Man, for a long time, has lost the sense of his perceptions and has no longer managed to maintain his dialogue with the Forces of Life, now things are changing, many of us are reintegrating the fundamental nature of Information.

The Integration that I propose to you via Zoom on 25.09.2022 at 20H00 Paris time, aims to make us experience the clarity of this language, that of Life, of the full recognition of the role of Man in the universe, here on Earth.

registration :

participation: 17€.


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