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Concorde Cenacle

A Cenacle is a philosophical and spiritual process of transmission and integration of knowledge, supported by the informational transfer of the speaker and simultaneously by direct experience of the related practices.

This is an exceptional event, closely aligned with the agenda unfolding before our eyes on a global scale. The spirit of this Cenacle is intended to be dynamic, fruitful and salutary, where the highest moral, spiritual and scientific values will be presented and developed.

In these degenerate times, we are given the opportunity to accentuate our access to the mastery of our senses, thoughts and feelings in order to better read our environment, leading to the realization of our objectives.

We're going to activate the Divine Intelligence within each of us by understanding the Reality of existence.

We will update and restore the essence of religions, aiming to pacify our history right up to the present day.

We're going to concretely experience our synergy with Universal Intelligence and understand how to access and remain at higher levels of consciousness.

To this end, I propose a convergence of various spiritual and scientific teachings, which will nourish the growth of your development and your projects.

Knowledge is awareness, and awareness is knowledge.

A correct understanding of this postulate lifts anyone into the frequencies of Spirit, and opens us up to the mastery of our perceptions. We then recover the experience of the infinite spaces of our very distant consciousness, which in turn generates powerful inductions of peace and will.

Would you like to understand and master the creative impulses that generate the events you experience?

Would you like to restore Order and Harmony to your life?

Would you like to generate real antidotes on a global scale?

We welcome you.

The Cenacle of Concord

July 26-27-28, 2024 via Zoom from 14:00 to 19:00 CET.

Investment per household: 222 euros (audio rebroadcast for subscribers).

Dynamic transmission linking Science and Spirit via the teachings bequeathed by the Masters. We'll study, analyze and practice the methods handed down by the enlightened Beings who have come to show us the Christic Way.

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