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Creative Assembly 3.0 of May 2023

ANASTASIS - what is it?

if YOU do your own research to form an opinion indistinguishable from your deepest convictions and thus, Your true discernment, You will understand what is calling you 😉

The trajectory of the Creative Assembly in mode 3.0 continues its progress - We know how to be efficient!!!

The work done from the Creative Assembly since November 2022 is simply masterful for Transformation and You are all welcome to it.

Our Will, manifested by the Creation, gives us the strength to rise up to see far and inspire Concord.

Rise up - walk - create - move forward and see always further - stay alive no matter what.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all the participants of the previous Creative Assemblies.

Your testimonies are welcome 😉

Would you like to join the Collective and come and experience the fundamental laws at the heart of your existence?

From Friday 19.05.2023 to Friday 26.05.2023 from 20H00 to 21H30 (Paris time)

via Zoom.

price : 90 euros for the 8 sessions.

Money should not be an obstacle, contact me.

information & registration :


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