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Updated: Jan 31

We have to cross the Darkness in order to illuminate it with our Recognition.

THANK YOU to all participants in past-present-future Creative Assemblies.

We have now entered into the practical application of what We are studying, integrating, at Work for the great mutation of Humanity.

Yes, it's all about being representative of what we understand, decipher and elucidate, and it's now urgent to be able to claim it before the kingdoms... in other words, to open up fully to the loving encounter with all the useful subjects linked to the events, however disruptive they may be, as well as their protagonists, and above all, up to the author of these events himself...


There is nothing in this world that has not been approved by God, our Lord.

Let's understand that Man was necessarily the artisan, until he met The Beast.

It is therefore up to Man to transcend himself by accepting the resulting mutation.

What We consider to be the Shadow or the Darkness, in its darkest and even frightening aspects, is only the endogenous or exogenous representation of what We have nourished during the experience through our feelings at every moment.

the Absence of Will remains a desire that the Universe activates in the Ether and which, at one time or another, will find its catalyst in the corrupted thoughts of mankind.


We now know that unification through the pacification of our thoughts, feelings and physical actions (body orientation) results in the generation of our own Force of Determination as both a true shield protecting us, and simultaneously emitting into the environment the waves of our Will that converge with the creative field of Information.

There's an infinite reservoir of possibilities, solutions and antidotes within each and every one of us, and We've come to open the sluices of this cosmic reservoir so that its contents can be poured out onto Humanity.

The Waters of our acquired knowledge are made in such a way that they wash away the sludge and dross of our past experiences, We have to transpose this to a global scale, i.e. make the esoteric exoteric, place the occult in the light of Day and thus publicly liberate the energy of our divine and mystical Acquisitions.

How can we do this?

By rewriting history!

With our Sensibility restored to its original informational structure (hypersensitivity), Soul's eloquence breathes into us at every moment the freedom to think, choose and act in the harmony of the worlds.

The reconciliations are great and vibrant with realization, the mediations are inexhaustible with possibilities, acceptance confers on the Human Being a field of Force that enables him to climb the immeasurable up to the Triumphant Christ claimed in the eyes of All.

For this month of February, I'd like to suggest that you boost your sensitivity, or hypersensitivity, to the point of recognizing its efficiency in its informational reading of the spiritual worlds with which we all interact in a more or less conscious way.

These are the very subjects that offer you infinite possibilities for harmonious development and emotional mastery. Your masterful ability to generate solutions and antidotes depends on your ability to elaborate joyful & creative trans-Formation processes.

We look forward to welcoming you!

For further information:

Investment: 144 euros per household.


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