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I Came - I Saw - I Conquered

Updated: May 1

Through the multitude of my incarnations as well as my wanderings, I recognize my trajectory.

I recognize the relevance of this journey, yet the development of the soul was as much a pilgrimage as a crusade, and now it reveals itself as a victory before the Eternal.

I SEE, the raw and original value of the parcels of life that shine with a thousand fires in the Darkness, I recognize them, as I recognize my presence there, and my gaze transcends the stars of the cosmos until it illuminates my thoughts.

The Spirit's migration through my structures generates many upheavals, and the swell of my feelings forces me to rise from my consciousness to finally achieve the observation of each moment.

In this state of Presence to myself, I feel the frequencies of my Being increasing, and appearances hitherto deceptive become the mirror of my own reflection in its multiple fractured facets of my omnipresence.

My physicality imposes itself on my perceptions as I strive to see the other side without fear or judgment, accepting the state of affairs of the worlds I created in ignorance. Now I need to tame them to free the shadow creatures I've been feeding.

The ether that could nourish me with faith and fervor when life energy left my body now plays with death, because I know how to recognize life in everything. This invites the essence of form to grow whatever the environment, eyes wide open on this world, the dialogue with Soul is maintained in the stability of my perceptions.

I have come to recover the memories of History.

I have seen worlds until I recognize myself in them.

I have overcome fear and servitude.

I AM the Triumphant Christ of immemorial times of purity, and my power is meant to create infinite expansion.

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