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OMNIPOTENTIA - September 2023 Workshop

OMNIPOTENTIA - September 2023 Workshop

At the origins of Man, Life was not limited to Time and the aggregates of society.

This induces in each Being the wisdom to cultivate its existence with the deepest respect for the physical body. This is to achieve such a development of the Spirit that Chemistry and Energy reveal God within. Man is then illuminated by his manifest Deity for Eternity.

I invite you to come and integrate and experience the knowledge that flows from this profound Wisdom, so that you can reap its benefits in your life.

Beyond appearances, current world events allow you to transcend what seems to be blocking or slowing you down. By receiving these higher capacities, you'll discover that you already have everything you need to generate a new reality.

Let's meet on Zoom every Friday in September 2023 from 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm (Paris time).

Investment: 144 euros (several people behind the same screen possible)

At the end of this initiation, you'll receive the replay in video format, as well as a practice manual.


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