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The Antantra team is growing

“Knowledge is the light of God being projected onto one’s consciousness”

This jewel of a line is not mine. Rather, it was transmitted to me by Olivier Atané, whose talents as a decryptor of reality I had called upon to help me get through a certain stage a few months ago. It was during this work with him that I discovered the Antantra, in a webinar that he gave on the topic of light, phosphenism and life-affirming technologies. While I would later deepen my understanding of Light, I was already struck by the pure and implacable logic of the Antantra, which diffuses the number series that Grigori Grabovoi has gifted to humanity.

A number series, or NS, is the result of applying human logic to a series of actions being carried out by the soul, spirit and consciousness. It is a divine action made conscious by God himself.[1]

A NS describes the actions to be carried out simultaneously or successively, in which case it specifies the order and duration of each action. However, a NS is not merely a description of the task to accomplish; it is the very action that God and a person set out to accomplish together. And this action is never dissolved. (Konev)

The Antantra amplifies this divine technology and stabilizes the number series’ information field thanks to light waves. My understanding and my own experience have been that our controlling is thus systematically more stable and better integrated by our consciousness.

It is in this context of re-discovery and re-cognition that I have joined the Antantra team, from Canada, as the spokesperson for the English-speaking community. I am therefore pleased to help make information about the Antantra available in English, with the wider goal of transmitting the teachings of Grigori Grabovoi for the benefit of humanity and the worlds.

Catherine Bouchard

[1] Information transmitted by Viacheslav Konev, webinar on regeneration through number series, February 6-11, 2001.

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