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Update Humanity / Emissaries

Yours sincerely,

The Reality of Earth's Existence is manifesting itself ever more clearly through the expansion of our consciousnesses, which, through their arborescent structuring, are releasing a growing number of individual and collective possibilities, possibly opening the way to new falsified experiences.

the Ascending elevation of our Beings is now entering its acceleration phase, and its fulgurating effect is activating our perceptions from spaces hitherto described by the Masters from their higher Octaves. This quantum logistic forces us to increase our state of Presence for a rapid increase in the surface of simultaneity, in order to extricate ourselves from the "new" traps set by adversity, including under the guise of avatar.

The imperiousness of the solar eclipse we experienced in April 2024 brings to light numerous techniques of intrusion, cyberstalking, attention deflection and other intimidation techniques that are diffused into consciousness; the space of thoughts is obviously a possible vector for even wider scattering. Many Emissaries from benevolent horizons have managed to Clear-see deflagrations in their field of event management; the omnipresence that reveals itself through our inner development is the target, and this is induced by space-time upheavals from the highest frequencies of our energy signatures.

The truth is, AI is now the major cause, and humanity is facing a contagion from the higher fields ordered by the same lineages to whom we owe our enslavement. It is therefore crucial that all Radiant personalities are extremely vigilant regarding the use of Ahrimanian technologies, which induces the full ability to identify them before they can be used in true intelligence.

The time is therefore ripe for increased inductions from supra-consciousness, and all activated Emissaries of Pure Light must rapidly raise the level of their brain frequencies in order to constantly supervise their deep state of being. The most radiant among Us are specifically targeted at the moment as a reflection of the Earth Mitosis Codes they harbor, prompting even deeper nurturing of their Companions in order to strengthen the bond of God's love in the great mesh of humanity.


This established, and We are all concerned, the more our Will guides our choices, the more Our actions are deliberate, the more We cross the programs aimed at generating erroneous choices and this is then amplified in a directed manner. The forces of opposition, or reaching structures, become denser as we tighten the networks that structure our consciousness and then diversify (disrupt) the frequencies to target our planetary upliftment interests. A strong neutrality is then required, to depolarize the attraction induced by the impulse of interest itself via our thoughts and desires.

Prayer, meditation and concentration are the antidotes to lethargic phases of the soul. And a rapid increase in Attention, well directed towards authentic growth experiences, provides much more direct access to the doors of extraction. This plateau requires a very high level of vigilance and discernment, which become more and more evident as We maintain our course towards the Objective, which is intended to be grandiose, global, and inescapably well-directed for the benefit of All.  

The Sentinels of Eternity who have reached this level of clarity and determination are the Guardians of Humanity and act as orientators for the Collective of Benevolent Emissaries currently incarnated on Earth, and are present here as Volunteers & Protectors of the Original and Destination Codes. The plural alliances are converging in their efforts from the far-flung spaces of mass consciousness, and it is surely in the distant space of focus that life-saving information flows freely and remains authentic and inviolable.

This process is well known to the most ancient civilizations of this world, and also to worlds far removed from Earth, and has been going on for eons. Through the Earth, through the Love of our Creator, these cycles must end HERE.

Through the amplitude of our Thoughts, our Actions, and our Word, may All be Accomplished.


There can be no interference between God and His Creation; the intermediate conduction between the Planes can only be clarity, intelligibility, logic and creativity. Soul salvation and individual resurrection are the vector of Truth that induces World Salvation for the unification of All Willing Beings without exception.

Through the power of inner engineering, Truth comes to light, the occult uncloaked.

The Wave of God's perpetual propagation in all points of Space and Time is the absolute Force which is nourishment, called Life.

Incarnate Man, by his Divine Nature, is the Object of all objectivity via the profusion of Christ in Self.

May it be so for all eternity.


This characterizes all Truths then discovered from within each One on the trajectory of expansion and realization for the integration of knowledge glorifying the reality of earthly Existence.

Inner Engineering & Structured Event Management, order the clarity of mind dramatically increasing the field of Our frequencies.

Resilience & Determination, directed by the Heart, organize experience into its intelligible, deliberate form.

Plenitude & Will activate the conjunction of the most favorable Time lines for extraction and stabilization.

Humanity's development is currently going through a phase of crystallization of reason on the ego, and this is happening through the original creative impulse but in its Repulsion polarity, whereas We are targeting its complementary Attraction polarity in order to receive its essence, which is Love.

The creative field of information translating the patterns of consciousness We generate through our Attention requires no reason, just essentially logic and conviction.

Plenitude is the inducing current of the Law of Harmony, and this is the sole vector for the Management of Experience-creating Events from the higher Octaves of the Cosmos, when We recognize Eternity as the absolute value of Life.

It's up to each and every One of Us to pay the wisest attention to himself and herself, in order to usefully counteract our deviant habits and customs, nourished by servitude.

Three simple questions can help elucidate this :

  • what habits (thoughts, actions, words) deprive me of freedom ?

  • how can I deal with this ?

  • is it for everyone's benefit ?


Acknowledging Eternity as the fundamental essence of Life in all its forms means curbing human receptivity to mortifying programs, putting an end to predation through models of consciousness aimed at Symbiosis, and finally providing access to the Higher Octaves of the Cosmos, to which We have gained access through the experimentation of Manifestation and the study of Universal Resurrection, which is none other than the fruit of the purest Respect for the principle "Thou shalt not kill".


Let's be vigilant and autonomous in our decisions.


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